AKA Nationals & Rider Cup Bios

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Phone: Fax: Email:

Age: DOB: Birth Place:

Membership Number: Other Federation Number:

Name of Local Newspager:



Course of Study:

Future Plans:

Occupation with Brief Job Description:


How long have you been Kneeboarding?

Where do you Kneeboard most often?

How long have you been an AKA Member?

Which event do you enjoy the most & why?

Favority Boat for Kneeboarding & why:

Current National Titles:

Current National Records:

Current State Titles:

Club Affiliation:

Other USA-WS disciplines you have competed in:

If you had a chance to ride or ski with a top skier who
would it be & why?

Person(s) you look up to or has helped
you the most & why/how:

Are you a judge, driver, scorer, safety director?
Rating & How Long?

Do you have an officials rating in another discipline?
Rating and How Long?

Other sports I participate in:

What's your favorite breakfast cereal:

Other points of interest: